The Autorski Biro Agency is a company established in 1990 with the aim of protecting copyright. We have been working successfully in contracting and collecting royalties on behalf of various authors and protecting their copyright. Our database contains  names of over 10,000 authors, and you may join them at any time. The only thing that is needed is that you produce something being considered as an author’s work and that you know somebody who is willing to use/buy your product. The rest is our job.


We are drafting the contract on the use of copyright and we collect royalties. The author obtains his net royalty, while we pay all the taxes and contributions fixed by law. The percentage added to the net amount of the royalty depends of the type of authorship and of the author’s status (free lancer, employed, retired etc).
At the end of the calendar year every author receives a certificate listing his royalties collected and the amount of taxes paid. This certificate is used for the purpose of income tax payment and for the adjustment of the years of service with the insurance fund.
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